24-hour Electrical Services For Electrical Emergencies

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Electrical Emergencies

There is nothing worse than finding yourself without electricity or in the midst of an electrical emergency in the middle of the night. Worse still, if you can no longer operate your business or cannot remain in your home safely until the issue is handled. This is why we offer 24-hour electrical services, regardless of the nature of the issue. Stag Electrical takes pride in ensuring a rapid response and limiting any disruption in service or downtime. The most important thing to manage is the safety of your family, staff or clients and any electrical emergency should be addressed immediately. There are a few types of electrical emergencies such as power outages, electrical fires, or electrical shocks that you can prepare for.

Dealing With A Power Outage

Check whether you are the only building affected by the outage and contact your service distributor if you suspect a disruption in service from their end. If you have ascertained that the issue is localised to your home, then you know where to start looking for the fault. First things first: make sure to turn off the main power source to ensure your safety while you find the source of the outage. It could be caused by a storm or even an energy shortage, but if it is not you will need to identify the circuit breaker or appliance that is causing the failure. You should also check for any damaged wiring or a damaged breaker, or better yet, have your trusted electrician make a professional assessment.

How To Handle An Electrical Fire

Turn off the main power supply immediately, followed by a call to the fire brigade. If you have an appropriate fire extinguisher, use it and adhere to any emergency procedures that have been put in place. Evacuate the site if you cannot control the fire and maintain communication with your local authorities until they arrive.

Emergency Protocol For Electrical Shocks

Immediately cut the power supply and call your local emergency services. Do not touch anyone that is in direct contact with electricity under any circumstances. Unplug the offending appliance if the power is off and it is safe to do so. If you have received emergency or CPR training, administer first. Alternatively, ask your emergency operator for guidance to take care of the person until help arrives.

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