3 Benefits of Installing a Split Aircon

by | May 5, 2021 | Split Aircon

Air conditioning units are a great way to retain your home heated on those long winter days. They can not only keep you from getting too hot in summer but keep you warm in winter as well if you buy the right kind.

We have been servicing air conditioning units for over 13 years now. Split system air conditioners provide a convenient way for you to keep your home comfortable when it’s hot out. These systems offer some notable advantages over ducted air conditioners and window air conditioning units. We have discussed the benefits of a split system air conditioner below.

Split System AC Units and What Are They?

Split system AC units feature part of the unit sitting outside of your property. This part, called the condenser, is most often installed on an external wall of your home. That is the cheaper alternative to ducted AC units, causing it to be a popular choice for an array of customers.

They are a good choice for apartments or places where you only need one room heated or cooled. Do you want more out of your Split Aircon? Install more than one unit in your home.

Benefits Of Split Aircons

1.Decreases household energy expenditure

Many aircon units can lose a considerable amount of energy due to exchanging heat through the air ducts. A split aircon does not use such ductwork, leaving little room for heat or energy loss. They are perfect for rooms that do not get light or lack ventilation. That saves homeowners an impressive amount towards utility bills.

2.Easier Installation

Split system air conditioners do not require ductwork to cool the air in your home as ducted air conditioning systems do. Instead, these systems consist of internal and external units that can easily mount to the walls or other areas. Unlike window units, you also don’t need to have windows available for split aircon installs. Their design makes these air conditioning systems quick and easy to install.

3.Easy Maintenance

Ducted AC systems require routine maintenance to run their desired conditions. That requires having a professional come out to service and inspect it. A split aircon install needs minimal upkeep that you can typically do alone. The following implies replacing a new filter. In different cases, this may include cleaning the current filter and reusing it. With minimal maintenance, you can expect your split system to run effortlessly for many years.

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