4 Key Factors Before Commercial Solar Panel Installation In Canberra

by | Feb 9, 2022 | commercial electrician, Commercial Solar Panel, Solar Panel In Canberra

Throughout Canberra, more and more businesses are investing in commercial solar installations to meet their energy requirements. And why shouldn’t they? Solar technology has advanced significantly during the past few years, lowering the overall costs of installation and making it possible for every business to generate its own electricity while also reducing its carbon footprint.

If you have also decided to install solar panels, then you are making the right choice. With careful planning and groundwork, you can open the doors to a whole new world of advantages for your commercial property in Canberra. However, there are some important factors that you need to consider before jumping onto this bandwagon.

Let’s have a look.


Condition Of The Roof

The age of your roof is the first thing to consider before your commercial solar panel installation Canberra. If your roof is partially damaged, installing solar panels before having it repaired is not a good idea. If your property needs a roof replacement, make sure to get it done prior to the installation. Having your roof damage sorted will save you from the hassle of dismantling your entire solar installation and then having to put it all back up again.

You might also have to compare the warranty on the roofing with that on your solar panels. Let’s say your solar system has a warranty of 20 years while your roof has a warranty of between 10 and 15 years. This will ultimately increase your maintenance costs. Therefore, it is always advisable to get both projects done simultaneously so that you can reduce the costs, effort and time that you will have to invest.

Position Of The Roof

The position of your roof is another important factor to consider. If the roof of your commercial building isn’t positioned to receive enough sunlight throughout the year, it might not be suitable for you to invest in solar panel installation. But if your building has a fairly sunlit roof, going solar will surely prove to be a worthwhile investment for your business.

Similarly, you’ll also have to consider the plants in your yard. For instance, if there are trees around your building, they might block the sun and reduce the effectiveness of your solar panels if you don’t prune them regularly.

The Money You’ll Be Saving On Your Energy Bills

Solar panel installation Canberra lets you save a considerable amount of money every year. Do not forget to ask your solar panel installers approximately how much your business will save over the years if you install solar panels at your Canberra property. A reliable solar installation company will provide you with exact figures as to how much you’ll be saving every year, and also throughout the life of your solar installation. Once you have a fair idea about how much you will save over time and how much the installation costs, you can easily decide whether or not your business can afford this investment.

Finding The Best Solar Installers In Canberra

This is the trickiest part of the entire project. If you are able to find solar installers you can completely trust, the rest of your problems will be easily sorted. From guiding you about the most suitable commercial solar plan for your property, to helping you determine the condition of your roof before carrying out the installation, to providing timely maintenance services whenever you ask for assistance, reliable solar installers can take care of it all.

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