7 Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Installed, Air Conditioning Service

Are you thinking of having a new air conditioner installed?

Don’t compromise on the safety, performance and life span of your new system with improper installation.

Read on to find seven common air conditioning installation mistakes that can cost you the life and efficiency of your aircon:

1. Choosing the Wrong Location For Your Aircon

Did you know that the placement of your aircon is directly related to how much energy it consumes?

Putting your aircon in an area exposed to heat and sunlight makes it work harder and hikes up your power bills. If you keep it in a shaded location instead, it stays cooler and doesn’t cost as much to run.

2. Attaching Your Outdoor Unit Directly to a Wall

Attaching your outdoor unit directly to your room or a place where you often sit could turn out to be a major problem. Outdoor aircon units are known to produce significant levels of noise and vibrations. By bolting the unit directly to your room, you are basically letting all that sound and disturbance reach you.

So what should you do instead? Get an air conditioning installation expert to use special mounts with padding or to leave gaps that will help with noise reduction.

3. Incorrect Placement of Your Thermostat

Putting the thermostat in the wrong spot is a common mistake made by unskilled aircon installation services. When the thermostat is placed near a heat source it detects a temperature that is higher than the room temperature and ends up calling for extra cooling. As a result, the workload and strain on your aircon increases. This not only causes unnecessary energy wastage but also reduces the lifespan of your unit.

4. Leaving Insufficient Space Between the Aircon and the Wall

Your aircon needs to breathe to function efficiently. A lack of space around the outdoor condenser unit can greatly reduce air flow and affect your system’s performance. Ask your aircon installation technician to leave enough space around your aircon for proper ventilation.

5. Improper Insulation

Cracks in ductwork or gaps in floors or windows allow cooled air to leak from your air conditioner. Before installation, make sure that your system and house are well insulated. Seal your ductwork with proper sealant and insulate it using insulating foams to block open areas. Don’t let air leakage make your aircon inefficient.

6. Failing to Ensure a Suitable Drainage System

Aircons generate moisture that needs to be drained away. When aircon installation services don’t set up an adequate drainage system, water doesn’t have a suitable place to run off to. This can lead to water building up in your walls and ceilings, which can gradually cause damage.

7. Not Providing a Secure Attachment or Support to Your AC

Attaching your outdoor unit securely is very important for safety. When you place a unit on an uneven surface or mount it on an unstable wall, you leave room for accidents. Always bring in qualified aircon contractors near you to ensure correct and safe installations.

Avoid these mistakes by enlisting professional aircon installation services for your home and business.

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