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Benefits Of The Next Gen Battery in the ACT

Aug 30, 2021 | Battery ACT

Powering ACT with NextGen Solar Storage Program

The Next Gen batteries act initiative was developed to:

  • Accelerate the deployment of distributed solar energy storage in the ACT.
  • Support the development of an energy storage business, research, and training in the ACT.
  • Maintain the ACT’s national leadership position in renewables.

Are You Considering a Battery Storage System?

You can store electricity generated by solar panels or other sources using battery storage systems (like the electric grid). For example, solar panels on roofs catch energy from the sun throughout the day, which is then transformed into electricity for your business or home by an inverter. Any extra power produced or generated by your solar panels is stored in your battery. That means you may put the point you’ve saved to good use when you need it, like when it’s dark and gloomy at night.

Battery Storage Systems Can:

Assist you in lowering your energy expenses and lowering your carbon footprint. It also allows you to store excess solar-generated energy and use it when you require it most. In addition, they are a renewable energy source. They can generate electricity for your home through a power outage (depending on your battery system) and contribute to environmental protection.


The Benefits of Utilising a Battery Storage System 

Reduce your carbon footprint by collecting and utilising excess solar energy. Households can get close to obtaining 100% of their power from renewable sources by collecting and using extra solar energy. On the other hand, simple grid-connected solar (only) systems still rely on the grid for 50% or more of their power. Reduced grid demand will hasten the energy transition and reduce Australia’s coal-fired power plant reliance.

In the event of a blackout, you’ll have backup power.

Although the ACT power network has been highly dependable, families’ capacity to keep the lights and refrigerator on during a blackout may be a critical aspect to consider when selecting whether to purchase a solar battery. Built-in battery inverters in products like the LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall allow them to charge during a blackout and effectively offer backup power for days or weeks if needed.

You Can Make More Money With Reposit Power

Reposit Power, a battery management system in Canberra, has developed software that allows battery owners to sell their stored energy into the grid at a premium during high wholesale spot prices.

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