Gas Ducted Heating or Reverse Cycle Heating?

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Service, Aircon Installation


Are you looking for an effective heating system for the coming winter? The mind-blowing range of heating options can lead to confusion. In Australia, Gas Ducted Heating and Reverse Cycle Heating are two of the most popular choices.

Generally, you want a heating system that is cost-efficient and perfectly suited for your home or your lifestyle. The choice is actually much clearer than you think. The refrigerated air conditioning systems with reverse cycle mode come out on top every single time. Here’s why.

What Is Gas Ducted Heating?

Gas ducted heating is a type of heating system that uses either natural gas or liquid petroleum gas to heat air before sending it through ducts and outlets throughout your home. The air is then recirculated back into the furnace area before being pumped out again.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning – Reverse Cycle Heating

Refrigerated air conditioners are cooling systems that can double as very efficient heaters during the cold seasons. It works by taking warm air inside the house, cooling it with refrigerants, and blowing the cool air back into your home. When in reverse cycle mode, it draws heat from the outside air and removes the cold air inside your home. 

Refrigerated air conditioners come in a range of styles, from under-floor heating and wall-hung units to roof-mounted systems. They are also a great option if you have a smaller house or don’t want as much floor space taken up by a conventional central heating system.

Gas Ducted Heating vs Reverse Cycle Heating

  • Affordability – Reverse cycle air conditioning is a great way to heat or cool your home without having to buy an air conditioner and heater separately.
  • Safety – The combustion process in gas heaters may emit carbon monoxide gas, a potentially lethal gas that can cause serious health issues and even suffocation. Ducted heating is a safer option than open fireplaces or gas wall heaters. The absence of a naked flame or other ignition points within reach of curious fingers and paws greatly reduces the chance of a fire in your home. When gas heating is used, it needs routine servicing to ensure safety and health.
  • Durability – Refrigerated air conditioners can last a lifespan of up to 20 years.
  • Eco-Friendliness – Reverse-cycle air conditioners produce two-thirds less greenhouse gas emissions than gas heaters.
  • Control, Adaptability, and Flexibility – With refrigerated air conditioners, you take control of the temperature. Many refrigerated air conditioning units have thermostats and advanced inverter technology that makes it easy to achieve the right temperature in a room.
  • Purification – Many reverse-cycle air conditioners come with a built-in air-purifying filter that traps airborne particles, neutralizes odours and deactivates bacteria and viruses. This makes them ideal for households that suffer from asthma or hay fever.


Energy Efficiency

In the past, gas may have been the best choice for heating systems, but now that gas prices are rising and other economic factors are affecting the economy, reverse-cycle systems are generally the better option.

If you are looking to install reverse cycle heating, remember to consider the size of the space that needs to be air-conditioned or use our air conditioning calculator for precise estimation. 

According to Sustainability Australia running a reverse cycle, heating and cooling system is cheaper than running a gas heater. Although the energy star rating of the equipment will have an impact on running costs, reverse cycle heating is starting to be seen as a more cost-effective option. 

In addition, the Melbourne Energy Institute and the Alternative Technology Association estimate that up to one million Australian homes could be saving hundreds of dollars each year by switching to a reverse cycle system. Furthermore, those who have a solar energy system can run a reverse cycle system at a much lower cost. As more homes adopt solar energy and gas prices continue to rise, reverse-cycle systems are quickly becoming the preferred method of heating.

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Reverse-cycle air conditioning can help you save on both winter and summer electricity bills. They offer several benefits over gas heating in terms of affordability, safety, energy efficiency, flexibility and air purification. If you’re considering replacing your old gas heater, you might consider switching to an air conditioner as a more convenient way to heat (and cool) your home.

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