How Can A Level 2 Electrician Help You With Advanced Electrical Work On Your Canberra Property

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Electrical Services, Electrician, Level 2 Electrician

Electrical work comes with multiple risks. It, therefore, requires professional hands to ensure everyone remains safe around the site. Regular electricians can only handle basic electrical jobs, such as faulty appliances, loose wiring and switches, and electrical safety tests. They provide electrical maintenance and repair services to homes and businesses.

Level 2 electricians, on the other hand, are accredited electrical service professionals that are authorized for connecting residential and commercial properties with the electrical grid. Due to their higher qualification level, they are responsible for handling more complex jobs than a regular electrician.

Below are just some reasons why you should hire a level 2 electrician in Canberra today:


Keep Track Of Your Power Consumption

Electricity bills are a major expense for every household and business in Canberra. Electric meters are installed by power supply companies to track the power usage on each property and bill the property accordingly. These meters can be installed inside or outside, depending on your property’s layout.

If you need to install a new metering device at your property or want to upgrade your old meter to a new smart meter, a level two electrician is needed to do the job. Level 2 electricians can also repair malfunctioning electric meters, so make sure to call them if you are receiving excessively high electricity bills that are disproportionate to your consumption.

System Upgrades

Homes or commercial spaces run on either single-phase or three-phase electrical systems, depending on their power consumption. If your property is experiencing growing energy requirements, you will need to hire a certified level 2 electrician. They will upgrade your system and prevent any circuit overloads that could lead to possible electrical hazards.

Install or Repair Overhead or Underground Power Cables

Working with high-voltage overhead or underground power supply cables is one of the riskiest electrical jobs and requires immense skill and extensive training. Level 2 electricians not only install these power supply cables, but also perform repair or maintenance work on damaged or downed power lines caused by storms or accidents.

Since massive loads of electricity are transmitted through these lines, they aren’t meant to be of the same quality as those used locally. Only a level 2 electrician can examine the quality of these cables prior to their installation to ensure no issues arise at a later stage.

Disconnect and Reconnect the Power Supply

Your power supply can be disconnected due to safety concerns or unpaid electricity bills. No matter what the reason, an accredited level 2 electrician must be hired to disconnect and reconnect the power supply from your home or commercial space. Hiring someone with lesser qualifications is not only illegal but can also cause harm or injury to others.

Once the safety concerns have been or repaired or the bills have been paid, a level 2 electrician will reconnect your electricity and resume the power supply to your property in Canberra. They will also ensure your connection is stable once it is restored.

Apart from these services, level 2 electricians can also install builders’ temporary power supply poles on construction sites to aid the construction work.


Level 2 Electrician Near Me

As a home or business owner, it is important to ensure that you only hire a licensed professional for all your level 2 electrical work. This will not only save you from potential electrical hazards, but it will also avoid any legal complications in the case of an injury or fatal accident on your property.

The cost of a level 2 electrician depends on the complexity of the task at hand, as well as the time and equipment needed to complete the job. If you are searching for a certified level 2 electrician in Canberra, get in touch with Stag Electrical today. Our expert electricians will ensure all your level 2 electrical work is sorted safely and reliably.