Pros and Cons Of Having a Security Camera Installation at Work

by | May 7, 2021 | Security Camera Installation

Every business owner wants a safe, comfortable and productive working environment for their staff. One way to help achieve this is to install security cameras in the workplace. When implemented efficiently, surveillance cameras can deter theft and other adverse events while also keeping employees accountable for their work and actions.

However, when you decide on security camera installation, it needs to be handled with care. When it comes to surveillance cameras, one needs to consider the legal implications of having one. Business owners need to consider the relevant laws and follow guidelines to prevent unethical outcomes. We have discussed the benefits of security camera installation and the best way to implement it in your workplace.

Security Camera Pros

By installing a security camera at your business, it can offer a variety of benefits. It provides security. Placing the camera at the entrance or inside your workplace can enhance overall security. 24/7 Video footage can monitor who comes and goes, which can deter intruders and make employees feel safe. It can additionally aid in any incident that happens within the workplace. The sight of a security camera could prevent a person from committing a crime, and if someone committed a crime, the footage of the incident is acceptable for evidence. They will most likely feel discouraged from stealing from the store or office.

Additionally, to aid in preventing crime, security camera installation can provide a more productive work environment. Employees aware of video cameras and their monitoring techniques are likely to work harder and not waste time if there is an incentive for productivity.

Security Camera Cons

Some downsides to security camera installation in your business: it can feel invasive, employees may feel that they are not trusted. When security cameras are in areas such as break rooms, it can have detrimental effects. While security cameras installed in the workplace may give peace of mind, they can also lead to unwarranted stress. Team members may worry whether their actions seem productive enough, which potentially can lead to burnout. Talk to one of WorkCover Helpline team for any work-related legal help.

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