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Are you finding it hard to get through the summer season with a broken air conditioner? Why bear the scorching summer heat when you have our remarkable air conditioning services by your side!

We have been providing air conditioning installation, repairs and maintenance services to residential and commercial property owners in Young for over 13 years.

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The Most Reliable Air Conditioning Services You Can Find In Young

Your air conditioner can be your best friend, but only if you make smart decisions right from the start. By choosing the right type of air conditioner for your property, having it installed by experienced professionals, and having regular annual maintenance done, you can make sure that your air conditioner goes a long way, no matter how hot it gets outside.

At Stag Electrical, our team of qualified air conditioning technicians are always ready to help when you need us the most.

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Types Of Air Conditioning We Install And Repair In Young, NSW

We install, repair and service all major brands of split and ducted air conditioning units for homes and commercial properties all across Young.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split air conditioners are more economical than ducted air conditioning. They are also more suited to smaller homes since they require a separate unit to be installed in each room you intend to cool.

These days, reverse-cycle split air conditioning is gaining popularity among Young residents because a single unit both cools your room during summer and warms it during winter.

Whether you want our experts to recommend a split air conditioner brand that meets your requirements, or to repair and maintain your faulty air conditioning unit, we are just a call away.

Ducted Air Conditioning

For multi-story homes and commercial properties, where installing a separate split air conditioner for every room is not a suitable option, we can install ducted air conditioning units. These air conditioners can cool your entire property quickly and efficiently, without any cold or hot spots.

Our ducted air conditioning experts are fully trained and have experienced installing ducted air conditioning for both new and old builds in Young, NSW. With their help, you can regulate the temperature inside their property however you please.

Apart from ducted and reverse-cycle ducted units, we also install smart ducted air conditioning, so that you can monitor and operate your system remotely through the internet.

Our service technicians provide regular annual maintenance for your units, making sure that they remain a source of comfort for you for many years to come. Not only this, but they can also repair or replace any faulty parts in your ducted air conditioning units, improving their performance and energy efficiency.

If you need to install a new split or ducted air conditioning unit for your home or office, or if you have noticed a difference in your old unit lately (whether it’s blowing out warm air, making strange noises or is just not cooling your home the way it did before), then it’s about time you called our air conditioning specialists in Young for a solution that meets your needs.

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