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What is inverter anti-islanding protection?

Inverter anti-islanding protection is an important safety feature that prevents the formation of unplanned or unintended power islands.

Electrical workers face many dangers on the job. One of these is called uncontrolled islanding, which can create hazardous situations when the power supply resumes and also damage equipment with low quality in an island area. Employers take safety measures to prevent accidents due to short circuits or other malfunctions caused because there wasn’t enough time spent preparing for them before restoring service after a disruption such as storms etc…

All inverters are required to be tested every FIVE years in ACT

Embedded generators, such as diesel and solar power, are connected to the grid and require protection from blackouts. An inverter with anti-islanding protection is needed to keep these systems working during a blackout.

To ensure that your system has adequate inverter anti-islanding protection, you should ensure that the inverters are checked and tested regularly. Additionally, you should make sure that all equipment meets the relevant safety standards and is regularly maintained.

Stag Electrical is a CEC-accredited solar installer qualified to perform anti-islanding protection testing, our anti-islanding protection service starts at $300. Got more questions about anti-islanding? Call us now or send your query using the form below!


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