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When it comes to the electrics in your home, you should only hire trained professionals to do this work. It is a dangerous job and if work is not completed thoroughly, this may cause harm to you or damage to your home.

Many house fires are started by faulty wiring that wasn’t installed correctly.

When you’re looking for repair or installation services, turn to Stag Electrical. 

When you hire an electrician, they will be qualified to a certain level. Regular electricians are qualfied to work inside your house and on some parts of your switchboard, but an electrician can also be qualified to Level 2. We offer fully qualified Level 2 electricians, depending on the job requirements. Call our Level 2 electricians in Young, Junee, Tempora, Grenfell, Boorowa, Harden, Cootamundra & others 

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So, what’s the difference between a normal electrician and a level 2 electrician? 


The difference between a normal electrician and a level 2 electrician is the amount of training they have undergone. They, therefore, hold different licenses as well.

Normal electricians are able to maintain and repair electrical systems. When you have an emergency, contacting a normal electrician to inspect the problem is a good idea. They can replace malfunctioning wiring, repair switches, and replace blown circuit breakers.

For simple electrical issues around your home, you would benefit from calling in a regular electrician. They are still completely qualified to provide the services they offer.

Level 2 electricians can do all this and more. They are trained to perform installations in addition to maintenance and repairs. They can effectively manage underground and overhead electrical systems, not just the ones inside your home. They can connect these up to your business or house.

In general, level 2 electricians can take on the more high-risk tasks than a regular electrician. They have more qualifications and follow safety procedures thoroughly. There are many strict regulations in Australia which ensure this. 


Level 2 electricians provide a wide range of unique services that normal electricians aren’t trained to do. Here is a description of some more of the services that level 2 electricians are fully qualified to provide: 

Meter Installation

Need a power metre to measure the amount of power consumption in your home? Level 2 electricians are authorised to install these for you. This will help you keep track of not only how much you use but how much your charges are going to be. 

Overhead and Underground Power

Power streams into your home or office either from an overhead source, like power lines, or an underground source. Each of these has pros and cons, and a level 2 electrician is familiar with both. They are certified to connect you to either.

Overhead uses electric poles and cables. Most people are familiar with this power source because you see power lines all over town. Underground power uses cables that run underground. Level 2 electricians can replace power lines in either system. 


When you first move into a property, it may have been disconnected from power by the previous tenants. When you contact your new electricity company, it will be a level 2 electrician they send to reconnect the house. This is because they are trained and qualified to do so. They can also disconnect homes from power when someone moves, or bills remain unpaid. 

Power upgrades

Did you know that domestic and commercial properties have different power supplies? Electricity is either connected to your property at a single phase or three phase.

Single phase is what is used in most domestic dwellings. Three phase is more commonly used for commercial or industrial purposes. Single phase contains two wires – neutral and live. Three phase contains four wires – three active and a neutral one.

You may need to change your power from single phase to three phase if you start using your property for commercial use. Level 2 electricians are qualified to do this. 

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At Stag Electrical, we can provide you with a regular electrician or a fantastic level 2 electrician. It all depends on the requirements for the project.

Describe your needs and we will always send you the correct electrician for your needs. All of our electricians are thoroughly qualified and trained to perform the tasks you need to be done.

We only hire reliable and trustworthy electricians. They tidy up after themselves and are consummate professionals. They arrive at the time they say they will, even giving you a courtesy call to let you know when they are half an hour away.

Our excellence guarantee ensures that you have access to high quality workmanship every time you have a Stag Electrical electrician come to your home.

Call us today to have a regular or level 2 electrician to come and deal with all of your home electrical systems.