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If you’re weighing up getting a battery with your existing or new home solar energy system, then you should definitely consider the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage rebate program.  

What is Next Generation Energy Storage (Next Gen)?

Next Gen is one of the largest rollouts of batteries in the world. The $25 million program started in early 2016 and aims to subsidise the installation of batteries in Canberra ACT at approximately 5,000 homes and small businesses.  

The program offers rebates on battery installations for residential and business premises. The household battery rebate is $3,500 (excluding GST) or 50% of the battery price (excluding GST) – whichever is lowest. The battery rebate for businesses is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

The goals of the Next Gen are to: 

  1. stimulate the rollout of distributed solar energy storage in the ACT; 
  2. assist the development of ACT-based energy storage industry, research and training; and 
  3. extend ACT’s national leadership position in renewables. 

Who is eligible?

Any home owner or business in the ACT may be eligible for Next Gen. Find out how to get Solar Battery Rebate in ACT. This applies to those who already have solar and those who want Solar Rebates in Canberra.  

To receive the rebate, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be connecting a new system that has not already been supported by the Next Gen program 
  • Be connected to the grid (off-grid installations are not eligible) 
  • System must also include solar panels (pre-existing or installed with the solar battery) 
  • Must include a new or existing inverter which meets the Next Gen requirements (the pre-qualified Next Gen Installers Canberra will be able to advise on these requirements) 

Should I get a battery storage system?

Reducing your carbon footprint 

Households can get almost all of their power from renewable sources by storing and using surplus solar energy, where as simple grid-connected solar (only) systems still rely on over 50% of their electricity from the grid. Reducing demand for grid power accelerates the energy transitions and reduces the need for coal-fired power plants.  

Backup power in a blackout 

Want to still be able to keep the lights and fridge on during a blackout? A solar battery storage part of an integrated solar energy system can contribute to the electricity supply even when the sun isn’t shining! Products such as the LG Chem or Tesla Powerwall have an inbuilt battery inverter which enables them to charge during a blackout, and can provide backup power for days or weeks.  

Additional savings with a VPP

You can increase the savings you make from your battery with a virtual power plant. Their software allows battery system owners to sell their stored energy into the grid at a premium during high wholesale spot price events. 


To find out more about Next Gen, or to see if your eligible, contact us on 1300 836 050 

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