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5 Star Rated

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Thermal imaging is no longer just for police and firefighters. We use thermal imaging in the electrical industry as well.

Using thermal imaging allows us to detect faults in your wiring, appliances and more.

You no longer have to worry about whether or not you have faulty items in your home as we can find out for you.

We are Level 1 certified infrered thermographers, so you know that you are getting quality service.

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Thermal imaging, also called thermography, refers to using a camera that contains infrared imaging technology. It can measure the amount of thermal energy coming from an object.

This thermal light cannot be detected with our eyes alone, and these cameras can help us to discover it.

Thermal light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. We experience it as heat. Infrared cameras provide us with a way of ‘seeing’ heat radiation that is otherwise invisible.

Without touching the object, we can figure out exactly how much heat it emits.

Right before any electrical equipment fails, it is likely to overheat. This is what makes thermal imaging so useful to electricians.

It can help our trained electricians at Stag Electrical to see what problems are occurring in your home.


To locate problems: if you want to know how safe your home is, you can get us to come in to do a thermal imaging inspection. We can locate any areas of concern and fix these before any disasters happen.

To find what needs to be fixed: our trained operators can conduct thermal image testing in your home to find out if any appliances need to be fixed. We provide a full service so we can then fix these for you.

Overloaded systems: we can find out where the pressure points are in overloaded systems using this technology. This allows us to then intervene and optimise the system so that it is functioning efficiently again.

Check Your Home’s Thermal Performance

Thermal imaging can also be used as an assessment tool to measure your home’s thermal performance. That is, how well insulated it is. As it measures the heat in the area, it can also pick up any low points where it is particularly cold.



This is an extremely useful tool for landlords. By getting us in to inspect your property with a thermal imaging camera, you can detect issues before they happen. Rather than getting a call in the middle of the night to learn about a broken hot water tank, we may be able to tell earlier.

The best time to get an inspection done is between tenants, but you can use our services any time to book an inspection.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies use the results of thermal imaging testing in businesses to set their premiums. In this way, they are able to tell if there are likely to be electrical faults coming up in the building. By having a thermal imaging test of your switchboards done, they can see how high the risk is in the environment.


If you are concerned about some overheating appliances, this may be a sign that they are in a state of disrepair.

Find out, and get your whole home tested at the same time. This can prevent highly dangerous electrical faults which can cause fires in your home.

Many house fires are started by faulty wiring. Bad wiring is a huge hazard which is like a ticking bomb, ready to go off at any moment.

Find out before your home goes up in flames.

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At Stag Electrical, we have electricians who are fully trained to use this thermal imaging technology.

They know what to look for and how to repair any faults they may find in your electrics. Whether you want this done at your home or your company, we provide a full range of services to suit you.

We do the job right so that you can find any faults before they become an issue for you.

Then, we provide repairs so that hopefully you will not need us to come back.

We pride ourselves here at Stag Electrical on our honest, upfront quotes. We do not add any nasty surprises into your bill – we charge what we quote. You can trust us to get the job done professionally and in an efficient manner.

We show up on time, every time. No more waiting on tradesmen, we arrive at the time we say we will.

We even provide a courtesy call to let you know when we are half an hour away. Let us plan our time around you, not the other way around.

Give us a call today to discuss your thermal imaging needs. We are here, ready to help you out.