Solar Storage will Revolutionise Energy Supply and Demand

by | May 18, 2022 | Batteries Canberra, Battery ACT, Battery Storage System


Solar energy storage is becoming a hot topic for energy-conscious consumers. For most homes, solar panels generate the most energy but are consumed less during the daytime when people are at work or school. This means a solar PV system is producing a surplus of energy that current battery capacities cannot store. Introducing the revolutionary NextGen solar battery that was first launched in Canberra, ACT.

In a study by Sunwiz on the Australian battery market, about 9% of new solar installations in 2020 included a battery. In addition, there are about 110,000 homes with battery storage installed in Australia. The increasing number of homeowners who understand the importance of solar storage batteries is starting to pick up. For most, it is not just about an economic decision,  but also an expression of environmental awareness. 

NextGen solar energy storage

In 2016, NextGen, one of the largest rollouts of solar energy storage in the world was started. NextGen solar energy storage is high-capacity storage initially launched in 2016 in Canberra, ACT aiming to subsidise the installation of batteries for residential properties and small businesses. 

The NextGen solar energy battery program envisions Canberra with low net emissions by utilising renewable energy sources. Eligible households and small businesses can receive a loan of up to $15,000 with a zero-interest rate. Furthermore, Nextgen users are qualified to receive up to $825 per kW rebates off batteries.

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How does solar storage work?

Due to the technological advancement and increasing availability of efficient equipment, solar power has become more accessible to consumers; and is emerging as a practical choice for energy-efficiency and eco-friendly source of energy. Along with this, battery capacity is increasing ten-fold. 

A solar battery system can store the excess electricity produced by solar panels, especially during the time when the energy generation-to-consumption ratio is low. Larger and technologically advanced battery storage is essentially beneficial not only during a power outage or on a cloudy day but also lightens the energy grid’s load during peak hours. The energy generated by the solar panels is converted and stored in the battery as direct current (DC) electricity. The DC electricity is then converted into a safer alternating current (AC) electricity by an inverter that can power a home when needed. The higher a battery’s capacity, the larger energy it can store.

How do solar cells generate power?

Solar cells are commonly made out of silicon. Silicon is semiconductors, meaning they can act as both a conductor and an insulator. A solar cell has two layers of silicon. First is the N-type, which faces towards the light and the layer that gives away electrons. The second layer is the P-type that receives extra electrons and is placed underneath the N-type layer. 

The energy emitted by the sun is called solar radiation which technically is light. There are little pockets of energy from the sun called photons. These photons interact with the silicon atoms. These reactions cause electricity to flow which in turn is captured and stored by the batteries.

Battery investment payoff

The time-frame of the ROI period varies per household and the solar energy system. Some factors include the size of the household, energy consumption pattern, and the devices used by the household. 

One more major factor that affects the battery investment payoff period is the efficiency of the solar panels and batteries. Efficiency and proper maintenance work hand in hand. A well-maintained system is equal to a higher efficiency output. At Stag Electrical Solar and Refrigeration, we not only use the best quality and most efficient panels in the market. Our professional technicians are highly trained and experienced in the field providing effective and safe solar services, which includes discussing the investment return timeframe. 

Stag Electrical Solar, and Refrigeration

Stag Electrical Solar and Refrigeration is fully committed to providing the best service to Australian solar consumers and at the same time representing the industry at the highest level. At the heart of Stag Electrical’s mission is to contribute to the green energy transformation of Australia.

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