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The STC Rebate Is Set To Reduce By The End Of 2022: Get Solar Now To Maximise Rebates


Oct 27, 2022 | Uncategorized

At Stag Electrical, we encourage our clients to do their research before they make a decision about investing in a solar power system. After all, solar is a significant investment and you need to be sure that you are getting the best solution for your needs.

However, as we approach the end of 2022, the STC rebate will reduce. This means that you could pay more for your solar power system if you wait until next year to install.

What is STC rebate?

Small-scale technology certificates (STC) are government rebates that reward homeowners and businesses for installing renewable energy systems. While called a “rebate“, the incentive is actually an up-front subsidy applied at the point of sale that can save thousands off the purchase cost.

STCs are created when a solar system has been installed, their value (minus admin fees) is provided as a point-of-sale discount.

The number of certificates your home or business is eligible for depends on several factors – including the geographical location where you install solar panels, as well as how much energy they produce. The year that system was installed also matters!

Why does the year of installation impact the solar rebate?

2022 is drawing to a close; soon, Australia’s national solar rebate will have a cut again. STCs decrease on the 1st of January, every year. However, this only affects the number of certificates formed, not the cost. Meaning, the price of the solar system is increased by 4-5% for customers who purchase it after this year.

How STC rebate change from year to year?

The STC rebate is set to end by the end of 2030. As the deeming period for solar power systems is reducing by 1 year every year until 2030, this means that the amount of applicable STCs you will receive for your solar power system installation will also reduce each year.



Just to give you an example, a 10kW solar system installed on December 31 this year will be eligible for 124 STCs. The same system installed on January 1 of the following year will be eligible for 110 STCs, which is 14 fewer certificates.

To calculate STC click here.

Now is the time to get solar

Solar power is a great investment for your home. As soon as you install it, there will be many benefits to enjoy and other incentives on top of that! You will cut your electricity bill significantly and save that money to take care of other matters.

We suggest you consider purchasing your solar power system sooner rather than later, to ensure you beat the January 1 deadline.

Staggering savings await you when you join the thousands of Australian homeowners who have already done so by calling us today. You can also use our handy solar calculator and find out how much money will be saved on your power bill with just one installation – all without any obligations or salesman pressures whatsoever.


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