Switchboards and Safety Switch (Residual Current Devices or RCD): Do You Need an Upgrade?

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The electrical system in your home is an essential part of its functionality. If you notice that some outlets or breakers are constantly tripping, it may be because they’ve reached their limit and need to be upgraded for increased usage; this could also happen if there has been a significant increase in all the electronics being used around your home. 

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What are switchboards and their functions?

Switchboards are an essential element in any electrical process. A switchboard is the central ‘hub’ for your home when it comes to its electrical wiring. The switchboard directs electricity from the main supply to where it needs to go around your house so that you can use all your appliances.

What is a safety switch or RCD?

The safety switches, otherwise referred to as Residual Current Devices (RCDs or RCBOs), are designed specifically for breaking an electrical current if they detect a fault with the flow of electricity. With this safety switch, you can be sure that your electrical system will not overload or short-circuit. It’s also designed in a way so as to stop electricity immediately should there be any risk of electric shock detected!

Why is it important to keep your switchboards and RCDs updated?

The fastest answer would be, for safety. As we mentioned above, your switchboard is a key component of your home’s control system—if it isn’t working properly, there may be more than one issue affecting your entire home. To prevent your household from being at risk from an old switchboard, it is important to assess whether a switchboard upgrade is needed. As with any piece of equipment in your home, a switchboard can become obsolete over time if it does not function properly. Some reasons for upgrading a switchboard include:

  • If you have an older switchboard, it is highly likely that it will get overloaded because it was not designed to handle all the new-age appliances.
  • The newer switchboards have built-in safety switches that reduce fire and shock risk.
  • Lower risk of your circuit breaker tripping constantly
  • The newer the switchboard, the lower the risk of blowing due to overloading
  • Older-style switchboards may not be compliant with current regulations, and they are often incompatible with smart meters.
  • If you are using solar energy, it required a newer switchboard in order to function.
  • You prioritise your home’s safety.

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Signs that you may need to upgrade your switchboard

You might be wondering what the signs are that your switchboard has become overburdened. It’s not always easy to tell, but there is some clear evidence you can check to know if you need an upgrade.

1. The age of your home

If your home is older, a switchboard might not be installed. Check on a professional electrician for an inspection.

2. Faulty system and power outages

If you have a switchboard issue, your circuit breakers will trip and power to that particular section of the house might be cut. Another symptom can happen with flickering lights or appliances short-circuiting which means there’s excess electrical current flow leading to damage for some time now! 

3. Your switchboard has fuses

The old-fashioned ceramic fuses are an indication that your electrical system needs to be upgraded. They’re prone to fire hazards and can cause serious damage in the event of a house burning down. Get rid of these outdated components by upgrading with modern switchboards today – it’ll keep you safe from fires, as well as give peace knowing there won’t ever again come such unfortunate events. 

4. You have newer appliances

Have you recently upgraded some of your appliances? Installed a new air conditioning unit or upgraded your garage door? If yes, it is highly likely that the pressure on your electrical circuits has increased too. If your switchboard can hardly handle pressure, it may lead to overheating and worst, fire.

5. Your switchboard doesn’t have a safety switch

The RCDs can cut power in 0.03 seconds, which is faster than it takes to electrocute a human and they’re mandatory by Australian regulations everywhere because that’s where you’ll find yourself when disaster strikes-the number one opportunity for protection against electric shock!

Switchboard upgrade is not a DIY project. Seek help from Pros

The decision to safely install new wiring in your home is an important one, so don’t take it lightly! Hiring a licensed electrician will ensure that you know what type of supplies and equipment they’ll need for the job. It is not a DIY project and can be quite dangerous if you are not qualified.

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