The Difference Between A Professional And DIY Solar System Installation

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Solar System Installation

When you are looking at solar system installation there are many who will suggest going the DIY route. Do not take their advice. While this may, to many, seems like an easier option, the risk to your investment and the longevity of your system is not worth it. Whether faulty wiring or poor design, taking this on yourself can lead to a world of trouble. Instead, hire a professional provider to ensure all elements are handled with care and expertise. Or if you are still doubtful, read on to see the difference.

DIY Solving Time
to their grid for liability reasons.

You may find the setup complicated as someone without training and experience around this particular design. While there are plenty of anecdotal type tutorials online that can help to paint a part of the picture, doing the wiring incorrectly could potentially pose a danger to your home and family well-being. If you don’t feel comfortable working with wiring and electrics or standing on a roof, you may want to call a professional to ensure everything is handled correctly. Without putting yourself, or your property at risk. Not only do you need to know how to put it in, but you also can’t connect to the grid without the right training and certification. If you buy a kit and install it yourself your unit won’t be connected to the main power grid and will therefore lose out on either supplemental or feeding back into the public grid. Installing power and connecting it with your utility company’s grid involves filing permits that are signed off by a professional. If you aren’t using a professional, the power company most likely won’t connect you

Professional Solutions Are Effective

You can benefit from warranties and quality materials. While getting a panel layout from a professional provider can be more expensive in the short term, you aren’t just paying for labour and hardware, but also for a higher quality experience and a more productive electric system at play. Most of these larger brands will also have access to panels that are not sold in DIY kits, giving you better performance for what is often a better price. Not only will these panels and materials be under warranty, but there’s a good chance that the quality will be high enough that they will serve you for a few decades.

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