What is a Battery Storage System?

by | Aug 28, 2021 | Battery Storage System

At Stag Electrical, we constantly search for innovation and ideas to resolve our customers’ difficulties. An example of those technologies is the battery storage system. The battery energy storage units can help reduce interest rates on a businesses’ electricity bill and produce a dependable emergency power reserve.

What is a Battery Storage System


Battery storage systems are rechargeable energy units. They collect energy from electric grids or solar arrays and produce that energy for a business or home. Since they incorporate superior technology, they can efficiently fulfil specific jobs that would previously be impossible or difficult, such as load shifting and peak shaving.

Step 1: Charge

The battery storage system is charged and energised by the total electricity produced by solar throughout the daytime.

Step 2: Optimise

Innovative battery software employs algorithms to regulate the solar generation, rare utility structures, weather patterns and usage history to optimise when the collected energy is utilised.

Step 3: Discharge

The energy is removed from the storage battery system throughout massive usage, diminishing or reducing expensive interest costs.

Homes can get practically all of their energy from renewable resources by using and storing excess solar energy, whereas single grid-connected solar systems rely on above 50% of their power from the plate. Thus, decreasing the need for grid energy stimulates power changes and diminishes the need for coal-fired power factories.

Backup Power in a Blackout

Do you still want to be able to run the fridge and lights while there is a blackout? Installing solar battery storage forms part of an integrated solar energy system that can provide electricity even when the sun is hiding! Outputs such as the Tesla Powerwall or LG Chem have an input battery inverter that empowers them to replenish when a blackout occurs and offers backup power for days on end. In addition, you can double the proceeds you get from your battery with Canberra’s battery management system developed Reposit Power.

Application – What Energy Storage Can Do

The battery storage system has an extensive array of purposes. Residential applications incorporate emergency backup, off-grid homes and various grid services. Commercial applications include self-consumption, off-grid homes, and emergency backup.

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