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What Is Required When You Are A Maintenance Electrician?

Apr 2, 2021 | Maintenance Electrician

Being a maintenance electrician requires a particular set of skills and a knowledge base to suit it. These professionals are responsible for diagnosing and repairing issues with a range of electrical equipment. Making use of modern diagnostic tools to find the root cause of an issue, before taking care of the issue at hand. Experts with experience and know-how when it comes to current, as well as an aptitude for working with their hands. Read on to see what makes this such a skill-based job.

Duties and Responsibilities

These trained professionals are responsible for completing any task related to the electrical components dealt with in their industry. From residential to commercial, there are a range of needs to cater for and a multitude of levels to the sophistication of the elements. In short, it is the duty of this person to ensure all elements of the circuit and systems are in tip-top condition for effective operation.

Test Machinery and Equipment

These trained professionals are also used as diagnostic tools, along with their actual tools, to inspect and test all machinery and equipment under their control. The type of machinery or systems can vary from site to site, but the diagnostic process remains the same.

Analyze and Document Results

As a trained eye focused on maintaining elements around the property,  this is a role also responsible for analysing test results for irregularities, and then documenting these irregularities in a logbook. They’re also responsible for ensuring all other team members stick to the preset procedure around documentation.

Diagnose Root Causes

As the specialist on-site, responsibilities extend to deductive reasoning to figure out the root cause of any issue or malfunction and then repairing the problem effectively. With full knowledge of the system at play, a professional will be able to find the issue quickly and figure out the best plan of action.

Develop And Implement Preventative Plan

The best way to avoid electrical malfunctions is to have a preventative maintenance plan. Developing and maintaining this plan falls to the person or persons in this role at the time. This involves creating a standard procedure around maintaining the electrics, as well as creating a logbook for each element around the property. This creates a standard practice for you to follow at home and also gives you a service history to be kept.

When you are a maintenance electrician on-site, you need to be able to help. When you need to fully analyze and solve the fault in a home or on a property, you need the experience and knowledge of a skilled professional. As a trained eye that can solve problems effectively, it is the specialist’s job to fix faults correctly and take care of issues before they arise. Contact the trained team when you need a reliable solution for these issues!


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