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What Size Solar system do I need?

May 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

What Size Solar system do I need? You more than likely would have seen an ad for a 6.6KW system. I’ll start by explaining what that means.

6.6 represents the amount of DC power coming from the panels to your inverter. The inverter will only ever produce 5KW usable power. [elementor-template id=”808″]

Why do they do this?

It’s for two reasons. Firstly the extra power from the panels makes up for the unavoidable losses, shading, dust, cable the list goes on.

Basically, having more power from the panels allows for the inverter to run at its maximum efficiency for a longer period.


Secondly, the government rebates are based on the panel wattage, not the inverter size. So you get a bigger cash rebate which translates to a lower cost of install.

Combining the two maximizes the efficiency and sets you up for the best return on investment possible.

So back to the point at hand

The fact of the matter is for most residential installations a 6.6KW is the sweet spot, if you have the roof space we recommend going with this size.

Any good installer will supply you with a thorough bill analysis. This will highlight exactly how much you can save but as a general rule if your bills are $300 or less you might look at something smaller.

If the roof space is available, we still recommend a 6.6. This will allow for future usage or battery storage.

If your bill is $1000 or more it’s worth looking into a larger system but be aware once your inverter goes over 5KW your local distributor can limit the amount you can export to the grid.

This relates to your feed in tariff which we will explain further in the next blog.

Thanks for joining us, see you next time for more “Stags Solar Tips”.


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