What To Know About Evaporative Aircon Service

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Evaporative Aircon Service

If you are constantly using your climate control system, it’s important to get an evaporative aircon service to it working optimally. Keeping all parts up to date and functioning efficiently requires regular checks, maintenance and repair. The needed attention to these systems can depend on the specific model used, which is why you need to trust an expert opinion when making your selection. Some may require servicing annually while others may only require them to be checked every two years. Read on to see why you need to care for these systems just right


It is necessary to have a professional check and maintain your unit, and verify the integrity of its functions. The main goal when seeking this service is to ensure there is no wear or damage to the system, and if there is, it can be rectified right away. It is important to check filter pads because the efficiency of the units themselves depends on ensuring the pads are sufficiently wet. If working correctly, it is easy to tell exactly how much water has been evaporated, and the process itself also reduces sediment, mineral, fungus and algae build-up within the space. This ensures a far longer lifespan than comparative designs. A professional provider usually includes the general washing of the filter pads and the drain valve, as well as the inspection of the system’s belt tension and the water levels in the reservoir. However, it is always best to ask and see exactly what you will need and what is provided in your maintenance service.

Why The Upkeep?

Failing to properly maintain these installations regularly could end up costing you more in the long run if your system begins to show wear or damage. To prevent any issues or chances of damage, it is best to schedule regular maintenance checks on the system with your trusted professional provider. With the right maintenance you can catch an issue before it causes damage, and ensure that everything is working at peak performance levels. With understanding of these system, our experts can identify problems and solve them effectively with experience, before they become a costly issue.

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