Who Qualifies For The Solar Rebates in ACT?

by | Aug 24, 2021 | solar rebates act

Have you considered purchasing a battery set with your current or new solar-powered energy system for your home? If so, we highly recommend you consider the Next Generation Energy Storage program by Australian Solar Rebates ACT.

What is NextGen Energy Storage Program?

NextGen is the leading and most significant deployment of batteries worldwide. In early 2016, a $25 million program was introduced and aimed to finance the installation of batteries in Canberra ACT. Those included small business enterprises and around 5,000 homes. The Government ACT supports up to 5000 battery storage systems in homes and businesses across the ACT with a rebate of $825 per kW up to 30 kW for their Next Generation Energy Storage Program. That indicates, for instance, a regular house with a 5 kW system should typically be available for about $4000. The Solar Rebates Canberra program grants deductions on battery fittings for business and residential premises. Each rebate relies on the kilowatts used and the length and weight of the battery.

The goals of the Next Generation are:

  1. Extend ACT’s national leadership position in renewables.
  2. Help the advancement of energy storage industry ACT-based, training and research; and
  3. Stimulate the rollout of allotted solar energy storage in the ACT;

Who Qualifies?

Each business or homeowner in the ACT is suitable for NextGen. To discover how you can get Solar Battery Rebate, contact us to see if you qualify. That refers to the individuals who now own solar and those who wish to have solar rebates in Canberra.

If you are interested in receiving the rebate, you are required to meet the following guidelines:

  • Be connected to the grid.
  • You should consist of an existing or new inverter that meets the NextGen requirements.
  • The system must additionally incorporate solar panels (pre-existing or installed with the solar battery)
  • Be connecting a new system that the NextGen program has not already supported.

Do I Need to Get a Battery Storage System?

Decrease Your Carbon Emissions

Most homes can receive electricity through renewable sources by using and storing excess solar energy, while simple grid-connected solar systems depend on an extra half of their power from the framework. Lessening the need for grid power stimulates energy shifts and subdues the hunger for coal-fired energy plants.

If you want to find out more information on the NextGen or see if you are eligible for the solar rebates act, contact us on 1300 836 050.