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Are you looking for a reliable solar expert who works to get you the best return on your investment and can work with common issues like shade, roof angle and orientation?

At Stag Electrical, we’re the experts in the solar industry. We’re rated the No. 1 installer in the ACT and the 8th best installer across the country. Over the past 15 years, we’ve tried and tested every solar method known to man to know exactly what to recommend to get you the best return on your investment.

If you’re looking for a solar and airconditioning expert in your area, we’re here for you.


Cut down your electricity bill, whilst increasing the value of your home

We know that putting up solar panels is a big investment, but we also know that the benefits heavily outweight the initial costs. Not only can solar panels help reduce your monthly electricity bills, but they can also increase the value of your home, reduce your reliance on the grid and reduce your carbon footprint.

Here’s why solar, solar batteries and air conditioning are the ultimate combination:

Power your life, without draining your wallet

When you generate solar power, you can use it directly to power your appliances, like air conditioning, without spending a cent! And if you produce more energy than you use, you can store the excess in your battery for use when the sun isn’t shining.

More sustainable, self sufficient living

This means you can be almost completely self-sufficient, while still having the safety net of the grid to fall back on when needed. It’s a win-win situation that’s not only good for your wallet but for the planet too.

Do you want to find out more about what Stag Electrical can do for you?


Let Stag Electrical assess and offer expert advice.

It’s common for our customers to wonder if their home is solar-ready.

That’s why our experienced solar installers conduct a thorough evaluation of your property to determine the best placement for your solar panels, inverters and batteries.

When we visit your property, we look at things like:

  • Roof pitch
  • Orientation
  • Shade
  • Truss spacing
  • 24 hour accessible isolaters
  • Switchboards
  • Main size compliance

This ensures your solar system works as effective as possible to reduce your electricity bill.


Beware of this pitfall to consider when choosing a solar installer…

Beware of sales consultants who don’t bother to check out your site for pricing. They may lure you in with cheap prices, but when it’s time to install, they’ll hit you with hidden fees or worse – your home may not even be compliant with grid connection regulations!

Don’t get hit with hidden fees, work with Stag Electrical to get a thorough assessment and quote to install your solar solution.

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Why choose Stag?

Solar Installer ACT and NSW | Stag Electrical

All services are completed in house

We don’t rely on contractors, which means you won’t have to worry about being ghosted once the work is done. With us, you get a dedicated team that’s always here for you.

Keeping your home spotless

When we step into your home, we treat it with the utmost care and consideration. We remove our boots, clean up after ourselves, and leave your home just as we found it – spotless.

Understanding your time is valuable

That’s why we show up on time, every time. We’ll even give you a courtesy call 30 minutes before we arrive, so you’re not left waiting around all day.

Accurate, fast quotes with no hidden fees

We provide accurate quotes within 24 hours of your booking, with no hidden fees or surprises. And with our quoters also serving as installers, you can count on clear communication and zero hidden costs.

Hear what our happy customers have to say

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Our latest Google reviews

Karen MendicinoKaren Mendicino
23:45 14 Feb 23
Electrician was very good ,polite the job was done efficiently .Only downside invoice was wrong upside they fixed it straight away with no problems
Dennis O'BrienDennis O'Brien
07:05 11 Dec 22
We have always been treated with professionalism and respect. Came out in a timely manner to service our air conditioner and solar.
02:51 07 Dec 22
Highly recommend! Enquired 1 week ago.....installed today! Customer service is amazing!
04:07 23 Mar 22
Within a day of requesting a quote, I had a quote in-hand for a system that suited my needs and within my budget. Within a day of accepting the quote I had an air conditioner installed. The team at Stag were friendly, punctual, helpful, had good communication, got the job done quickly and even tidied up my courtyard for me when they were done to the point that it looks better than when they arrived. Very happy so far with the service received.
York StanhamYork Stanham
04:01 08 Mar 22
Great company to work with. Highly recommended. Jason provided a quick and well priced quote and was always available for questions. The install guys did a fantastic job, taking around a day to install.

Use Our Calculator To Know How Much You Can Save By Using Solar Energy


Ready to break free from high electricity bills but confused about how much you'll save? Try our solar calculator like this to get an accurate idea:

Simply input basic details like your homeownership, state, postcode, and quarterly bill amount to discover how much you could save by harnessing the power of the sun.

Choosing Stag Electrical For Solar


  • We’ve experimented with every solar method for 15 years to recommend the best return on your investment.
  • No reliance on contractors means a dedicated team that's always here for you
  • Show up on time, every time, with a courtesy call 30 minutes before arrival.
  • Treat your home with care—remove boots, clean up, and leave it spotless.
  • Provide accurate quotes within 24 hours with no hidden fees or surprises.

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We’re a family-owned business with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. Over the past decade and a half, we’ve honed our craft to become one of the most reliable and efficient installers in the ACT and NSW.

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